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here i am!!!   
03:24pm 28/08/2007
mood: curious
well...i have proven to b a crappy friend in many accounts
-i never post, just read comments
-when i do its a rant
-the rant is boring
-i never answer my phone
-i plan to go out but never end up going?!
-i never really see you guys anymore ....

So yeah its my 21st on the 3rd of sep! wooo how exciting *yawn* and i dont expect any of you to come ...

but anyway if anyone could?! it'd b ace if ya'll could goin me for a beer this sat...im goin to the belgian beer cafe at the rocks...then clubbing!!
nobody needs to come clubbing, but if peeps could come and have a beer wit me, spend some good old fashioned quality drunken time i'd b really appreciative...

wow, i sound desperate ...

but yeah, you could bring whoeva, but if ya'll busy thats soo totally cool
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HA my most favourite jumper is called Elvis hehehehe   
10:39am 12/06/2007
mood: loved
Your Penis Name Is...

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09:31pm 02/04/2007
mood: excited
I totally thought nobody would want to go!!!!
i bought tix, i'll let you know stuff soon!
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10:20pm 30/03/2007
mood: sick

it'd be ace if anyone wanted to go...
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12:38pm 08/03/2007
mood: crazy
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Tis the same with burbon!!!!-stolen from GBS (shpartacush) myspace!forgot to credit ya!sorry =(   
09:29pm 06/03/2007
mood: devious
Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net
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08:16am 07/12/2006

I SUCK!   
12:19pm 16/10/2006
  sorry peeps!
hope you guys had fun on sat!
i REALLY wanted to come, havent seen you guys in ages!!!!!


i've been on myspace for 5min and have considered making my myspace look kewl...
heya ppl   
10:49am 09/10/2006
mood: bored

i have a stomach bug!

i hate vomiting...outta my arse!
and vomiting in gerneral...

WOW was that too much info or WHAT!

anyways im really bored, am at uni, as you could have probably guessed...

BORED BORED BORED BORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

why so friggin boring...
eep my stomach...........

anyways just thought i'd say hi!
so erm...HI!
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still bored!   
02:28pm 28/08/2006
mood: blah
there is only so much time you can spend in the cafe, watching pool,'studing' in the library and staring at a computer screen, before you go insane!!!!!!!!

i believe im crossing the line into insanity!

i took herron this morning but my headache is returning DAMN CONCUSSION!

kate your posts are funny and make me look like an idiot when im laughing all alone in the computer labs...

my head hurts...

i HATE biology

i dont want to stay till 8...

i did an exam this morning

i got tix to homebake...

im NEVER coming to my 8am lecture on mondays EVER AGAIN!

its a nice day tho... i went to the shops, nothing to buy...

this really sux...
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im so bored!   
11:54am 28/08/2006
mood: bored
i am at the uni computer labs and i am bored!
my next class is in 4hrs ...
kill me now!
12:21pm 17/07/2006
mood: chipper
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08:57pm 09/07/2006
mood: cold
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11:21am 08/06/2006
mood: so tired!..must stay awake!!!
well i've been cruising latley..going out to mates houses and stuff!i've watched so much family guy bt was too tired to really concentrate! bt tis still funny...or i remember laughing...
finally went to purple sneaker and club 77 the other week and a couple of live bands
i might be going to spectrum soon...should be great fun...these places are so much better than ur average clubs!
1.Its cool to wear a sensible amount of clothing,especially since it BLOODY WINTER!
2.You can wear what you want
3.Music much better
4.You can dance like an idiot coz NO ONE CARES!!!!
5.my neck muscles hurt...thats a good bt bad thing...
its just a great atmosphere!!!

hope everyones got stuff planned! im going out with my work mates (if im better)
and im working monday...oh dear...meh!

annd i dont know what to get pierced next!...
i know the 1 which im getting for me birthday...bt i might get my lip done?!or venoms, vipers (whatever)on me tongue?!
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09:43pm 29/05/2006
mood: exhausted
i had 3hrs sleep on fri...
worked from 9am-5pm

3hrs sleep on sat...
worked 10am-5pm

was up till 1am yesterday
worked 1:30-5:30pm (not so bad)

And i finally watched family guy the movie!

that is all...
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Me Sore!   
11:08am 18/05/2006
mood: giddy
My arm is achy....
Kayleens tragus is achy...
but it's so worth the achy!!!!!
National Folk Festival!   
09:44am 20/04/2006
mood: YAY
twas lots of fun....and we didnt drink or nothin...met lotsa peeps, made friends with lotsa peeps...clare and jessie were great...no fights, no nothin...jus good times and i LOVE these hippy type head bands...THEY B SOOO GREAT!!!! and you can apparently wear them as skirts =D
also Hare krishna (sp?) food is great...HALUA IS GREAT!!!!
i sooo want to go next time!
cant wait for next yr!
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i love calvin and hobbes   
03:59pm 16/03/2006
mood: content
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Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   
02:28pm 24/02/2006
mood: excited

ello ello ello   
11:23am 24/02/2006
mood: sick and tired
hi all....as all probably gathered, i have no credit....infact i havent had credit for a long while...sorry peeps, i wants to gets a new phone...so yeah, i 'll go on a plan and always have heaps of credit ;)

in other news ive been sick all week...first time i got up was to go to work yesterday...yay!

hey cherie, hope all is going well in your home away from home...
hey emma, we gots to organise somethin wit everyone cause havent seen you in ages
hey CLARE!!!! sorry didn't msg phone is fkd and i was really sick, msg if you wana do the city thang...
hey renee...damn you!!!! i wana drink & party every week... :(
Hey kate, yay for work...i wants to get a new jorb!!!!
hey all !!!!

not much happenin, except i have piercings which i wana get...im going to goin ze gym and yeah...
hope to see ya soon